• Work Conditions & Grooming

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    Signature Promotions value their consultants and believe our staff is a representation of our brand. Signature Promotions is committed to the growth and development of their staff and prides itself on offering going training for staff and always conducting business in a professional and ethical manner.

    Professional attire and presentation are a critical part of the success at Signature Promotions. We pride ourselves on the presentation of our consultants and are always happy to work with clients if they require specific dress requirements.

  • Work Health and Safety Policy

    The purpose of this policy is to:
    a) expressly communicate the commitment of Signature Promotions’ management to ensuring safe and healthy work environments and practices;
    b) ensure all parties are aware of their responsibilities and rights regarding work health and safety; and
    c) as far as reasonably practicable, support the removal or reduction of hazards and other risks to the health, safety and welfare of all employees, contractors and visitors, and anyone else who may be affected by the business operations
    2.1 Signature Promotions is firmly committed to implementing a policy and procedures that enable all work activities to be carried out safely, and with all possible measures taken to reduce risks to the health, safety and welfare of workers, contractors, authorised visitors, and anyone else who may be impacted by our operations.
    2.2 The nature of Signature Promotions’ business means that management does not generally have complete or direct control over the environments in which team members work.
    Signature Promotions also recognises that each client and/or site is likely to have variations in their health and safety instructions and procedures which team members are expected to adhere to.
    Signature Promotions is therefore committed to ensuring that clients take all reasonable steps to ensure the health and safety of Signature Promotions’ team members working on their site/s, including adequate supervision and training and resolution of reported issues and incidents.
    2.3 Signature Promotions is committed to complying with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011, codes of practice and other safety guidance material.

  • Drug and Alcohol Policy

    The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance around the consumption and use of drugs and alcohol so that Signature Promotions and its team members:
    a) maintain a safe and healthy work environment;
    b) minimise alcohol and drug related harm to team members, property and others in the workplace;
    c) protect and uphold the good reputation of Signature Promotions;
    d) ensure team members who consume alcohol do so responsibly and in moderation; and
    e) comply with legal and policy responsibilities and obligations.

    2.1 The use of drugs and alcohol may impact on a team member’s capacity to perform work safely, efficiently and with respect, thereby posing a risk to the health and safety of the individual and others at the workplace.
    This policy reinforces Signature Promotions’ commitment to ensuring safe work environments and practices and aims to prevent or minimise any risk of injury or harm to the health and safety of its team members or others in the workplace, from or associated with the use of alcohol or drugs. It describes the standards of behaviour expected in relation to the use of drugs and alcohol, the responsibilities and expectations of Management and team members, as well as consequences for breaching the policy.
    2.2 Signature Promotions is committed to complying with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011, codes of practice and other safety guidance material.

  • Employee Grievance Policy

    The purpose of this policy is to:
    a) recognize open communication and feedback as essential elements of a satisfying and productive work environment;
    b) acknowledge that grievances do arise in the workplace from time to time that cannot be resolved informally and require a more formal process to be followed; and
    c) outline the process to resolve complaints, grievances or problems raised by employees that relate to work, the work environment or working relationships.
    2.1 Signature Promotions is firmly committed to ensuring its employees work in a harmonious and equitable work environment where grievances are dealt with promptly and with sensitivity. Accordingly, all parties involved in the grievance resolution processes are expected to maintain complete confidentiality at all times.
    2.2 Wherever possible, Signature Promotions encourages the resolution of grievances in an informal manner, without the need for investigation or formal intervention, but recognises and supports the need to instigate a more formal process on occasions.
    2.3 An employee will not be treated unfairly or victimised as a result of raising a grievance.
    2.4 Respondents to grievances will not be prejudged, will be provided with adequate detail regarding the cause or source of the grievance, and allowed the opportunity to respond in a fair and unbiased manner.


  • Social Media Policy


    a) Signature Promotions recognises the growing popularity of and participation in online social media. Signature Promotions is supportive of team members participating in social media in their personal time to keep in touch with their friends, share information or become involved in online discussions.

    b) However, it is important to understand team member obligations when the online communication is about Signature Promotions, our products and services, team members, clients, customers or other work-related issues.

    c) Team members are accountable for the appropriate use of social media. Signature Promotions reserves the right to access systems to check if social media use is inappropriate. Although this policy does not impose any binding or contractual obligations on the employer, this policy constitutes a reasonable and lawful direction to employees.

    d) This policy applies to all employees, contractors, consultants, and labour hire workers of Signature Promotions.

    e) This policy does not apply to team members’ personal use of social media where no reference is made to Signature Promotions and/or such usage has no connection to the workplace or work-related matters.